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Customers are demanding more from their grass-fed beef than ever before. We at Lovejoy Farm, have stepped up to meet that demand with the inclusion of sprouted wheat grass in our beeves finishing diet! We support the wheat grass finishing diet with Redmond natural minerals, diatomaceous earth, and apple cider vinegar in the drinking water. The results are remarkable! Our pastures have been free of toxic sprays and chemical fertilizers for over 12 yrs. We manage our pastures using management-intensive grazing practices. With rare exceptions, our cattle are moved to fresh grass and a new paddock every day. Unsolicited customer comments and repeat orders tell us that super nutrition for the beeves makes for super eating table beef.

Remember, if it is in their feed---it is in your food!

Contact us for processing options and current pricing information.

Lovejoy Farm, George and Henrietta 254-622-8836

465 CR 3635, Clifton Tx 76634

Listing last updated on Jul 28, 2014

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Mr. Lovejoy is faithful to his practices of raising hormone and antibiotic free grassfed beef. He and his wife deliver meat to our co-op every other month.... [more]

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