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Our farm's 100% grass fed beef is sold by the half or the whole according to the live weight. We raise Angus cattle that feed on our lush pastures which are certified organic by the state of Maryland. All of our animals are born and raised on the farm. We practice Management Intensive Grazing on our 330 acres, which allows for successive grazing on smaller pastures. Our cattle are 100% free range, and we rotate them frequently, a procedure that promotes better weight gain and a healthier environment. They are never fed any grain and we use no hormones or steroids.

Grass fed beef offers many benefits that includes being lower in fat, higher in Omega 3's, Vitamin E, CLA and beta-carotene than conventional beef. Most grocery store beef travels 1,000's of miles to get to your table----from the farm where they are born to the massive feedlots where they are fattened to the processor and then to the store. We are a local farm and we invite you to visit our farm and see our cattle roam free on our organic grass pastures.


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We welcome you to visit our farm!

Schedule and Location:

Call us to schedule a visit to our farm. We process our beef several times throughout the year.

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From the time you start to cook it you can tell it is lean, but the taste is never compromised! Thanks for healthy local beef that also taste good!

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