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Lovers Lane Farm is a small, husband-and-wife food farming and beekeeping business on the outskirts of the city of Ukiah, the center of Mendocino County. We offer gourmet honeys, body care products from the hive including goat milk and honey soaps, beeswax, pollination services, and free range, forest-fed Tamworth and other heritage breed pork.

Lovers Lane Farm harvests small batches of gourmet honey from the mountains, valleys and orchards of rustic Mendocino County. By placing the hives strategically amongst the seasonal flower sources and numerous distinct climates within the county, we can harvest an array of flavorful honeys. Each batch tastes unique year after year depending on the weather, soil, and plants in the immediate area of the hive. A winemaker's vineyard depends on soil and climate to produce a fine wine that captures the essence of the place it is grown. Our honey also represents a sense of place because we choose our hive locations like the winemaker chooses where to plant his grapes. Our honey is pure, unfiltered, and unprocessed. We always have fresh, raw honey available from spring until late fall.

We also produce limited quantities of free-range, forest-fed Tamworth & other heritage breed pork. We raise all of our pork without the use of hormones, antibiotics, steroids, or any other chemicals. We deliberately choose breeding stock that is hardy, self-sufficient, and expresses natural foraging behavior. We don't cut off tails or teeth. We allow our sows to naturally give birth and raise their piglets in a non-confined environment where they always have access to dirt and fresh outside air. When the piglets are weaned, we move them into large pastures in the fields and woods of our family's ranch. We supple- ment their diet with fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms and surplus milk from our dairy goat herd. We believe that humanely raised meat tastes better! Whole and 1/2 hog orders also available. Contact us for more information.


Listing last updated on Nov 17, 2009

Now accepting reservations for December '09 Tamworth whole and 1/2 Hogs. Contact us!

Schedule and Location:

Ukiah Farmer's Market, Alex Thomas Plaza Saturdays 8:30-12pm

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