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Our beautiful farm is located about 35 miles South of Pittsburgh. From our property you can view the top of the US Steel Building in downtown Pittsburgh as well as the scenic Uniontown Mountains. Here we raise alfalfa and mixed grass hay along with about 10 acres of rye straw annually. We use this hay to feed our livestock and we sell it to horse breeders. Our beef cattle herd consists of about 30 Angus cows. We also raise replacement heifers and feeder steers. Since 1995 we have sold grass-fed ground beef and freezer beef in our community. Our customers preorder their product. Our freezer beef is processed every September and October. We sell our ground beef every November and May. My processors package your beef to your satisfaction and freeze it for your convenience. Our beef is raised and handled according to the PA Beef Quality Assurance Standards. We also belong to many local, state, and national cattle and farm organizations. Raising quality hay and cattle products is very important to me. I operate my farm with pride and excellence. I hope to hear from you sometime. Thank you. In addition, hunting may be permitted and encouraged for ground hogs, coyotes, raccoons, wild turkey and deer (doe only) by license holding, mature game hunters.


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This deep freeze creates a hardship for calving. Freezing or slightly below is actually not bad to calve in; the mothers can clean and dry their calves in used hay piles/beds. There is no mud and bacteria to deal with. Hay consumption is running high. Also,always looking for freezer beef buyers. If you are interested please contact me. Thanks for reading.

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My house/farm. Hours by appointment.

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