Lowesville Cattle Company has been around for 4 generations. Farming and cattle are in the family blood,even though some of us have had to work "public" work to afford doing so. Doing it right has always been the only option, if you wanted to live here.

We have always used natural practices on our beef and vegetables, they just are better for you and taste better. Now we have a new generation starting this year. His interest will expand both Beef and vegetables to the surrounding area. New ground has been cleared and is to be offered to the public. We offer 25 x 50 family plots, limit 2 per family and corn shares also. Corn and grass fed beef and soon to be free ranging chickens.

We want to offer not only a place for folks to grow there own, but also a place where kids can be outdoors and see nature at its finest. Wish us luck. Thanks LCC

Listing last updated on Jan 12, 2011

Lowesville Cattle Company "Doing beef and vegetables the right way"

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Family Plots available to work daylight to dark at Lowesville Cattle Co.

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