Loyalton Farmers' Market

Loyalton Farmers' Market and Bazaar: Fresh Farm Produce, Sierra Valley Grass Fed Beef, Antiques & Collectibles , Local Crafts. Sundays, 12-4, June through September.

The gold rush brought 16,000 miners, but Sierra Valley was a perfect location for settlers who wanted to raise cattle, and produce hay and dairy products. World War II brought cheese, milk and butter products from the rich Sierra Valley, not just to miners, but also to the wealthy citizens of San Francisco. By the 1880s, Sierra Valley was one of the finest and talked about agricultural regions of California. Today, the Valley is popular for outdoor recreation, historical tours, birding, fishing and unsurpassed, scenic beauty.

Sierra Valley is located less than an hour from Reno, Nevada. One can travel to Sacramento, California in less than 2 and 1/2 hours. Truckee is less than a 40-minute drive to the South. Sierra Valley is unique. Expansive fields of green alfalfa surround the seasonal water channels, stretching in the warmth of the sun to meet dense pine forests. Numerous, often owl inhabited, old, rustic barns, dating back to original settlers, are scattered throughout the valley. Excellent photographic and painting opportunities occur from public roads. At the right time of year, it is possible to see over 100 bird species in a day by starting at Yuba Pass in early morning, continuing through the valley, and ending at Frenchman Lake to the east. Birding in Sierra Valley is very popular, as is fishing, biking, hiking, and historical sightseeing. Visit the website for more community information and points of interests.


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Sponsered by: East Sierra Valley Chamber of Commerce East Sierra Valley Chamber of Commerce, ESVCC, is a California Chamber, dedicated to the businesses and the communities of the Sierra Valley area. Included are Beckwourth, Calpine, Chilcoot, Loyalton, Sattley, Sierraville, Vinton and all of the Sierra Valley neighbors, which prosper from the betterment of the Valley.

Schedule and Location:

Loyalton Main Street, Hwy 49. Sundays, 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM

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