Lucky 13 All Natural Red Angus Beef

Tully, New York
Family Farm

Lucky 13 All Natural Red Angus Beef

We are a small family farm located just south of Syracuse. We raise red angus cows naturally. They are pasture raised from spring until fall and fed grass hay during the winter months. All our animals are naturally raised. We give no antibiotics, hormones or steroids. All beef is slaughtered at a small USDA inspected slaughter house, vacuum sealed and sold directly to the consumer. We sell beef by the whole, half and quarter and 1/8 or smaller "Family Packs". An 1/8 or a "Family Pack" is a good way to get started eating locally raised beef if you don't have space for an entire 1/4! Our farm is also "Beef Quality Assured" certified. We take pride in our farm and our animals. It is our belief that well cared for animals produce better meat. Our customers seem to agree! We also have a retail Christmas Tree business that has been in operation since 1970. Please feel free to contact us if you have ANY questions.

Listing last updated on Oct 17, 2012

Naturally raised red angus beef. Beautiful Christmas Trees fully under cover. Pasture based beef. Organic and conventional hay for sale.

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This meat is delicious .....I am not only glad that it is very yummy, but also for my piece of mind to know --where the meat I am eatting , along with my family, is safe to eat.... [more]

The first year we bought a 1/4 cow, and shared it with my in-laws as our freezer space was limited. We were all so thrilled with the amazing taste that we've continued to order every year .... [more]

We bought our first 1/8 this summer and have an order in for 1/4 the next time one is available. The difference in Lucky 13 All Natural Beef compared to what you purchase in the grocery store is noticeable!

When you pick up your beef on "delivery day" it is already clearly labeled, individually packaged in a vacuum sealed pack - no repackaging necessary when you bring it home.... [more]

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