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Since returning to Ellington in October 2008, I have been producing humanely raised veal on the same farm I worked on in my teens. My holstein and milking shorthorn cows live on this former 60 cow dairy in which they originated. These milking cows are rBST free. They are fed corn silage and hay that is raised on the farm using sustainable agriculture practices. During the Spring, Summer, and Winter months, they have full access to pasture.

I feed the veal calves with the milk that these cows produce, which is antibiotic and hormone free. They are hand fed and allowed to have contact with other animals, including other calves. I believe that providing the calves with a stress free and comfortable environment will produce only the highest quality meat.

Whole and half veal are available upon request. Please email me for a price list.

Listing last updated on Apr 19, 2012

Schedule and Location:

We are available upon request.

BEEF is also available.

Whole and half veal are available. Please contact me for current availability and prices.

Veal will be processed in a USDA certified plant.

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