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Lucky George Farm is a family endeavor. Jason and Angela are joined by four of their six children in caring and feeding their flock of Heritage and Black chickens. All of our chickens are raised as close to Nature as possible. Our chickens are allowed to be chickens and they roam freely foraging outside all day long. At night the girls go into their coop to rest up for another day of egg laying and chicken fun.

We provide custom butchered poultry so our customers can purchase whole chickens and we include the giblets as requested. Some requests have included skinned chicken, livers, feet, hearts, intestines, and gizzards. We believe that you should have as much of the chicken as you want to minimize waste. This principle is part of our sustainable practices and small family farm philosophy.

In addition to our traditional Heritage breeds we raise black skinned chicken. These beautiful chickens are beloved in China for their restorative medicinal characteristics. They are sought by anyone looking to boost their immunity through traditional Chinese medicine practices. Many of our Black chicken customers come from all over the world and have now made Iowa their home. Some are also gourmet foodies taking an appreciation for traditional Asian cuisine.

We welcome you to try our naturally raised chicken. They are unbelievably tasty because they eat fresh produce, bugs, grass, non-medicated feed, and we never give our chickens antibiotics or hormones. Nature's bounty from our family to yours!


Listing last updated on Feb 16, 2013

Heritage breeds, Black skinned chicken, and farm fresh eggs.

Season:  Year round

Type:  single farm

Since:  2012

# of Shares:  30

Full Share:  $35/month

Work Req?  No

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