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Lucky Star Ranch is located in Northern California and is home to the wonderful Olde English Babydoll Sheep. Babydoll sheep are considered miniature sheep and were near extinction until the mid 90's. We breed for happy, healthy sheep while maintaining the breed standard. All of our Babydoll's are registered. We also have Merino sheep and are in the process of increasing our flock of the amazing animals! We have colored Merinos ranging from a milk chocolate, to dark chocolate, to black! Talk about fiber!!! One last fiber man is Marley our 75% Wensleydale ram. He has wonderful long fiber and is adding bulk to some of our meat crosses. Lucky Star Ranch has a small all male fiber herd of Alpacas. These Alpacas came from high quality breeders who show and thus require perfection from top to bottom. We just love these boys and oh their fiber!! Angora rabbit fiber is available on occasion, we are looking for additional Angoras (Satin). Crochet, felting, a bit of knitting, and many other projects are typically underway and available for purchase as available. Check out for additional information. Thanks!


Listing last updated on Feb 18, 2008

Lucky Star Ranch Counting our lucky stars one fiber at a time! Specialty fibers: Merino, Babydoll sheep, Angora rabbits, and Alpacas. Babydoll lambs available each spring, waiting list. Merino and alpaca fibers each spring as availability allows.

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