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UPDATE: 8/3/09:

The Tomato plants are threatening to take over the farm! The cool weather has slowed growth, but the plants are very healthy and soon we will be overwhelmed with tomatoes.

We have 70 tomato plants of 9 different varieties such as Heinz, early girl, aunt ruby green, pineapple, and others. Soon coming for u-pick and farm markets about Grand Rapids.

Unfortunately we have discontinued our egg sales. With the high cost of feed and the work we have found it is just not cost effective and takes away from concentrating on our produce and other efforts at improving the farm. Thank you for all who have supported our efforts.

Our flowers have not reproduced themselves this year as we would have desired as well. We do have thousands of black-eyed susans though!. Back to the drawing board for next year.

Welcome to Ludema Farms. We are a small family owned farm nestled in the beautiful Cannonsburg hills just north east of Grand Rapids, Michigan. In the spring, check back for you-cut tulips/daffodils, followed by you-cut wildflowers throughout the summer and fall. We have a small herd of pastured guinea pigs and offer new babies for sale directly through our farm or available at local pet stores.

We pride ourselves in being good stewards of our land and our animals. We use natural methods of farming and husbandry when at all possible. We never use pesticides on any of our plants or fields. We strongly believe in community supported agriculture, and the value of natural small scale production methods.

Dependent on weather conditions, personal schedule, and predators, our chickens rotate from being cage free in a large 1,500 square foot outside run to being completely free range over as much of our farm as they may want to roam. All of our chickens have been raised from baby peeps here on the farm either by a mother hen or by our own loving care. We only feed our chickens Purina Layena Sunfresh Recipie, supplemented by scratch feed of cracked corn and oats. They are then free to roam where they graze on fresh grasses, seeds and all manner of insects, and worms throughout our fields. In season they are also fed all the fresh produce from our gardens that they can eat. Our hens lay eggs in varying colors of green, aqua, brown, and even pink! You can both see and taste the freshness. Full sized (large) eggs are $2.50 a dozen. Since we also have roosters with our hens we can provide fertile eggs upon request for those of you who want to hatch your own chicks.

Our farm also has a small breeding population of guinea pigs (21) of all manner of colors and hair styles. Babies are born in the spring to the fall and are ready for sale within only 4-6 weeks after being born. You may access more info about our "little pigs" at

In the spring of 2008 we will be attempting a you-cut tulip service. We will have available many varieties of early, mid, and late spring tulips at very competitive prices.

We always welcome your questions and comments. Please check for egg availability unless you live close to our farm.

You can find us at the end of the long driveway with the sign that says "Fair Meadows"


Listing last updated on Aug 4, 2009

Heirloom tomatoes for sale at the farm and at local farm markets. No pesticides or herbicides on our produce. You-cut wildflowers and tulips in season. Gentle guinea pigs raised and for sale.

Schedule and Location:

Our flowers will be available starting in April.
Tomatoes in season from August through September.

Schedule and Location:

Please email ahead for guinea pig baby availability.
We are usually home during the day from 10AM to 7PM M-Saturday for produce sales and flower picking.

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