Loofah Sponge

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Loofah Sponge

These sponges actually grow in the garden! They are invigorating for bathing, a green bathing choice . Bulk orders available .

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We offer seeds and small and large looffahs . Small loofahs are 4-9" and the large luffa are 12-22". The small luffas are good for your face or washing dishes and larger ones for the body.This listing is for the sponges .

Most folks are amazed to find out these luffa sponges grow in the garden instead of under the sea. They are wonderful for the bath, removing toxins and regenerating the skin. I read that they help varicose veins and cellulite by stimulating circulation. Your skin is your bodys biggest cleansing organ. The blossoms as well as young squash are edible and may have health benifits. They last for years and can be washed & sterilized with bleach or alternatively with lemon, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide . Boiling water and hanging in the sun will also sterilize them. They can also beput in the washer and dryer but they will pick up lint. They also can be used for cleaning dishes, floors or cars without scratching. If you prefer a sponge that has not been bleached, please let me know. They will more tan and may have some dark spots.

They can also be recycled into mats or pillows when they finally wear down or used in soaps or even non- toxic pet chew toys -They can also be used for texture painting or making stencils . A TRUELY GREEN PRODUCT!

They are not bothered by any insects so are very easy to grow but they do require a long season so start them early and transplant them out onto a sturdy trellis or fence.

All of our seed offerings were grown here. I have been a seed savers for 40 years. Our seeds are packaged in original art packets, hand folded with 100% recycled paper. Instructions for growing are not on the packs but are on the listing under the seed template. Books on gardening as well as many catalogs carry general information on growing seeds. I am available by e-mail or phone to answer any growing questions as well. You won't find that service from many sources of seeds. The shipping on our orders also includes the processing and handling charges which is also less or equal to most seed companies. I hand pack each order and drive from the farm to the post office to ship your order.I only ship in the USA.

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