Loofah Sponge Seed

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Loofah Sponge Seed

Looffah -a vegetable sponge that you grow on a trellis or fence. Great for the bath.

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This annual vine takes a long season. Easy to grow with no insect problems .Best to support the vine on a strong trellis or fence. Edible when young . Harvest mature sponges in the fall. Soak to remove shell and dry and shake seed out. Can be washed to be cleaned in the washing machine and will last for years. Excellent to exfoliate your skin or use for washing dishes,your car or windows! Planting instructions : Plant in seed starting mix in 4 inch pots, 6 to 8 weeks before the last frost in your area . Space the plants 12 ft apart and provide a strong trellis.The soil should be ammended with plenty of finished compost as they are heavy feeders . Harvest when the fruit turns brown .Remove the skins by soaking them in water overnight, then peel the skins and hang on a clothesline to dry . Shake out the seeds and store in an airtight container when they are completely dry . To clean &sterilize the looffahs: you can wash them with soap and water ,add some lemon juice to the rinse water to whiten them and hang them in the sun to sterilize them or boil them in plain water .You can also just put them in the washer and dryer but they will pick up lint.

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