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Luna Herb Co. offers all natural handmade herbal products. We wild craft or grow our own herbs or purchase them from those who do the same. Although we are not certified organic, we use no chemicals on our herbs. Our goal is to grow or wild craft 100% of the herbs we use within the next 2 years. We strive to use herbs that are native to our area or are adaptable and easily grown here.

We are a small family run farm and business. In addition to herbal products, we offer eggs from our chickens who are allowed to free range during the day.

All our products are made one batch at a time to create medicinal products of high quality. Herbs are harvested and processed at their individual peak to insure the best medicinal value.

We also teach classes and offer a free monthly study group to anyone interested in learning more about herbs. See our website for more detailed information.

Please note, this is our home, we do NOT have a store at this address. Our available products can be found in our local harvest store and on our website.


How to use Extracts:

Children 12 - up and Adults: For supplemental purposes, add 1 dropperful (created by squeezing the bulb once and allowing the extract to be sucked up into the dropper) to a glass of water, juice or tea 1-3 times per day. For more immediate effects, add 1 dropperful to a glass of water, juice or tea every 30 minutes until effect is reached.

Children 2-6: Give 1/4 dosage Children 6-9: Give 1/2 dosage Children 9-12: Give 3/4 dosage

Note: these are general guidelines only and several things must be taken into consideration: general health of the individual, weight, degree of situation herb is being used for. Also, some herbs are better taken at specific times of the day. for instance, valerian and skullcap are best taken in the evening before bed if a relaxing effect is desired to help induce sleep.

Please remember that I am not a licensed physician and all statements made are from my own personal use and not to be used to prescribe herbs for any particular ailment. Please consult a health care provider if you are unsure why you are having health problems.


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Join us each month as we focus on a new herb. Learn how to use herbs for medicinal and culinary purposes. Our popular Herbal Study Group meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month. See the herb, taste the herb and create an herbal remedy to take home with you.

Schedule and Location:

Goshen Market, Edwardsville, IL every Saturday from 8am - 12 pm from May 10, 2014 - October 11, 2014

Grade A Large Eggs
Free range chicken eggs in a rainbow of colors! Our chickens live life the way a chicken should.


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My family has enjoyed Luna Farm's products for years and I'm only just now getting around to posting a review. We count on Kristine as our local connection to all things herbal, both her kind advice and her skill have been helpful countless times.... [more]

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Got Soap?!



we have been adding lots of soap varieties to our line up and have 3 new varieties available now and more on the way soon!

here is a list of our currently available soaps:

lavender - mmmm, contains lavender petals and scented with lavender essential oil for a relaxing bath

patchouli - colored with alkanet root, this soap is deodorizing and mood uplifting

eucalyptus - very fresh and clearing.... [more]

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