Luand Farm has been in operation since 1979. Egg production started around 1980, and we have been selling eggs locally to consumers and farmers markets for the past 30 years.

I have recently taken over the daily feeding and barn maintenance of the farm, and I am looking to expand our customer base and eventually our flock of hens to serve our local community with farm fresh eggs from naturally raised hens. I have started a local egg route in Hingham, MA to deliver our farm fresh eggs door to door to area homes every Thursday evening. We are also selling eggs directly from the porch at the farm and at my home, using the honor system.

I am looking for local residents and natural food stores who are looking for a source of affordable farm fresh eggs to buy. I am also interested in connecting with folks who have an interest in farming and who would benefit from working with me in this production as a way to learn about egg production, to help with daily flock maintenance and to help spread the idea of growing food locally and making it available to the public at affordable prices. I am also interested in connecting with 4-H and younger folks to help spread this knowledge to younger folks interested in agriculture and local farming.

Our flock currently consists of 260 Golden Comets, raised on an open floor plan inside the barn. We grain feed our flock, do not use any chemicals or hormones, and only use natural biodegradable control of chicken lice.

Most of our coops have screened openings to the outside to allow fresh air, light and sunshine. We do not currently have outside runs for our hens due to coyotes, hawks and fishercats, though we may build some screened outside run areas for our hens when the weather gets better to allow more room for natural roaming.

If you would like more information about our set up, would like a tour of our farm, or would potentially be interested in becoming involved in learning more about poultry farming and egg production, I would like to hear from you. Feel free to contact me by phone at (781) 982-8042 - home, or (617) 852-4042 - cell, or write to me at the email address provided.

Thanks for helping us to keep local farms alive and local food fresh to your home!


Chris Ricciotti


Listing last updated on Mar 18, 2010

Schedule and Location:

Hingham, MA Farmers Market
Saturdays 10:00am - 2:00pm

Schedule and Location:

24 hour self serve coolers - honor system purchases at:

Luand Farm 388 Beech Street Rockland, MA

393 Union Street Rockland, MA (Corner of Union & Exchange Streets, Eggs are on the Exchange Street porch location of the house)

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