Machado Farms

We are a small family farm concerned with plant breeding and the nutritional aspect of the produce we grow and sell.

We breed vegetables for heat and drought tolerance, including lettuce, broccoli, potatoes, garlic, spinach, kale and various others. We resell this seed to other farmers and gardeners.

We create value added goods such as our famous Scartar, an herbal salve, and SaladFlakes, our dehydrated salad.

We also grow and sell for the Riverside Farmers Market, Friday morning in the Sears Parking lot. It is the oldest market in the state of California.

Listing last updated on Nov 22, 2010

We are nutritionally oriented, with a keen eye towards less water, better soil, rigorous plant breeding, innovative ideas, and independent farming.

We continually reisist the urge to rejoin the Organic Association, having severed our ties with them in 2002 after 10 years of being a member. We believe strongly that we work best by remaining free of governmental oversight, and by maintaining our independence.

Schedule and Location:

Riverside Farmers Market
Sears Parking Lot, corner of Arlington and Streeter
Riverside, CA
Friday morning 8:30-12:00

(From $16.00)


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