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Listing last updated on Sep 13, 2014

Ducks love to dabble in puddles and chase each other all day long. What could be more natural! (^<

Blown Craft Duck Eggshells FOR SALE
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Find Buy Here Empty Blown Cleaned Hollowed Out Craft Duck Egg Shells for Easter Art Crafts & Polish Ukrainian Decorated Eggs!


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The eggs where shipped fast and were packed well, not one was broken or cracked.

I have not been able to eat chicken eggs for a few years now and read that duck eggs might be a safe alternative.... [more]

I love, love, love Mama Duck's free range duck eggs. For one who has severe allergies to chicken eggs - I was thrilled to find out that I can eat duck eggs.... [more]

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How to use Duck Eggs ~ Important Facts to help you Succeed


Duck eggs will last up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator.  But, there are some important facts that people don't commonly know about the quality of duck eggs.  The fresher the duck eggs the better are the results, the duck eggs are rich, delectable and delicious.... [more]

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