Mambu Restaurant & Bar is owned & operated by Executive Chef, Anita Hartel. Established in 2001 to provide affordable, casual, fine dining, Mambu is always looking for affordable, locally produced, fresh food to use in nightly specials and seasonal menus. We are especially interested in unique, heirloom varieties of the Central Tennessee Region that deserve reintroduction as a viable food source in the region.

We welcome local farmers to contact us about possibilities for establishing guaranteed contracts for production and sales of products ranging from heritage breeds & varieties to common products. However, we can not afford and are not interested in considering products over priced above production costs. We believe in providing delicious food, beverages and memories using creativity with as little of an impact on natural resources as possible.

Listing last updated on Jul 18, 2012

Executive Chef and owner, Anita Hartel, invites you to discover Mambu Restaurant & Bar. An advocate and pioneer in creating artful, seasonal dishes with locally grown and "low-impact" methods since 1975 when she began her career as a farmer & restauranteur in Southern Ohio, Anita chose Nashville in 1984 to be the place she has successfully influenced for 28 years in recognizing good food is available without high costs to consumers or natural resources.

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