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The Purple Mangosteen is known as the Queen of the tropical fruit world. The King is the Jackfruit, as we know.

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Season: Jun-Sep 

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Season: Jun-Sep 

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Let's give her Majesty her due diligence. How you cut open a Mangosteen is: from side to side, you wiggle the halves back and forth till it pops open ... then wala! Up pops the Queen in all her beauty as seen in my picture.

Originally from the Sunda Islands and the Moluccas of Indonesia.

The fruit has a flavor that is juicy and sweet with a bit of tanginess to it, with a citrus feel. All these tropical fruits taste a little different ... and all need to be tried ... that's the only way you'll get to know them! And it's my job to bring them to you.

You eat around the seeds and discard the seeds. The seeds are almond shaped and the flesh is the white edible part of the fruit. Remove the fruit from the rind.

Contains xanthonoid in the peel, which you can Google to get further information about. It has something to do with relieving inflammation naturally.

Another Super Food - here's the deal:

Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5oz)

Energy - 305kj (73 kcal) carbs-17.91 g Dietary fiber-1.8 g Fat-0.58 Protein-0.41 g


Thiamine-(B1) 0.054 mg 5 percent Riboflavin -(B2) 0.054 mg 5 percent Niacin - (B3) 0.286 mg 2 percent Pantothenic acid- (B5)0.032 mg 1 percent Vitamin -(B6) 0.018 mg 1 percent folate- (B9) 31 ug 8 percent Vitamin C -2.9 mg 3 percent

Trace Metals

Calcium- 12 mg 1 percent Iron- 0.3 mg 2 percent Magnessium- 13 mg 4 percent Manganese- 0.102 mg 5 percent Phosphorus- 8 mg 1 percent Potassium-48 mg 1 percent Sodium-7 mg Zinc-0.21 mg 2 percent

There you have it! Delicious!

Due to the unusually hot summer, shipping highly perishable fruit is more tricky than usual Some fruit is arriving over-ripe. If you have an issue with your order, please call me. I pack every box myself, and want you to be happy with your fruit!

Fresh Gardens are growers and shippers of rare tropical fruits. Many items you may have never heard of, and that is what makes them so exciting. Most have been brought from South and central America and Asia. Although well known in those areas very few know of them here in the United States. That's my job as a grower of these items: to excite and get you into trying these exotic tropical fruit for the first time!

There are only a few areas in the United states these are grown and The Redland which is a 100 year plus historic agricultural growing region is one. We are south of Miami in Homestead just before you enter the Keys. You are invited to visit our farm for free as a tropical fruit of the month customer. We grow for you!!

Expect only the finest tropical fruits, we ship daily.