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Matt and Angela Kuncaitis and Family

Listing last updated on Mar 18, 2014

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A wonderful experience! Learning about and sampling sourdough at Maple Valley Farm, taught by Cindy Young. The atmosphere is unique, the hospitality is genuine and the course was delicious.... [more]

It was a wonderful time. Angelia was the perfect hostess with a great lunch. Cindy Young was the teacher and did a super job. I can't wait to get started making some soap. Thank-you Angelia and Cindy for the great Day

Back in February, I purchased a "lavish stay" at the off-grid farm for my lovely bride's 40th birthday as well as our anniversary. We usually try to go to Mackinac Island for our anniversary, but through much badgering, I was convinced that this change of venue would not disappoint.... [more]

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