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We raise all natural chickens using a "high welfare indoor system." We use No chemicals in the chicken's food or water. That means no hormones, no antibiotics, and no coccidiostats. They have lots of predator-proof space to move freely and plenty of fresh air from ample windows. They always have hay or grass clippings to munch on in addition to wholesome, unmedicated feed. These chickens are processed by a NYS inspected processor. The birds are double wrapped in clear freezer bags and frozen. They can be cut in halves or quarters if you wish. The flavor is fantastic. Chickens can be preordered to your specifications (weight and cut). You can also purchase whole roasters at the farm by appointment. Farm visits are welcomed. Please call first to set up an appointment.

Listing last updated on Mar 17, 2014

Schedule and Location:

Chickens can be picked up at the farm by appointment.

Wholesale prices offered for orders of 50 or more chickens per customer.

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