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Matt Family Orchard is a family owned and operated orchard and nursery. All fruit and berries are pick-your-own and sold by the pound. PYO fruit include blueberry, blackberry, fig, Asian pear, jujube (Asian date), Asian persimmon, satsuma, kumquat etc. We offer preserves, pickles and local honey. When in season mail-order fruit is availiable. Our nursery features fruit and berry plant at the orchard and mail orders. es.

We offer year-round orchard tours for groups 15 to 150, facilities include;pavilion. playground, sport equipment, games, stack of hay, picnic tables, face painting, educational hayrides, campfire, etc. In October we celebrate Harvest Festival where tour guest dress scarecrows and take home a pumpkin from the pumkin patch. We also have a public pumpkin patch and sell pumpkins in bulk.

We also provide, in secluded areas, bowhunting stands furnished with feeders and night lights.

To receive our newsletter go to and sign up. Fruit availability, opchard events, farmers market information, etc. is featured on the newsletter.


Listing last updated on Jun 29, 2011

Our estimated start picking schedule is; April-Blueberry, May-blackberry, June-fig, July-Asian pear and jujube, September-Asian persimmon, October-pumpkins, November-citrus. Growing practice is sustainable. Year round; mail orders for fruit (in season) and nursery stock, tours, bow hunting. Call fruit hot line (281 351-7676) for seasonal hours of operation. We are located 30 miles northwest of Houston. See our web site,, for a map and driving directions.

Schedule and Location:

Local honey and preserves. Fruit and berries; blueberries-April, blackberry-May, fig and Asian pear-July, jujube (Asian dates)-August, Asian persimmon-September, pumpkins and citrus-October. Seasonal hours call fruit hot line; 281 351-7676, it's best to call first. We are located 30 miles NW of Houston and 13 miles west of Tomball TX. Go to sign up for the orchard newsletter.
Pre orders and bulk orders welcome.

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I went with my too kids and we enjoyed picking the blackberries. I don't know why it has bad reviews. I only can tell you that we have a good time and the fruit was delicious :)

Ran by a vulgar old man this dismal little garden disguised as a christian sharing farm is an utter disappointment. Do not waste your gas coming here. The fruit was in terrible shape (discolored, worms, busts, cuts etc), the parking lot is a mess but most importantly we had to tolerate the grumpy old man who runs the place as he constantly yelled at children and adults alike.... [more]

Tasteless fruit and a rude attendant... No thank you.

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