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McDonald Farm "PASTURE PRIDE" chicken, beef, lamb, turkey pork and eggs are 100% Pasture Raised on our 220 acre pasture based, clean food farm. Beef and Lamb are grown out entirely on rotated pasture with never any growth hormones, antibiotics or chemical wormers. They are not fed any grain, receiving all of their nutritional requirements from lush pasture, pure well water and organic minerals. All poultry is 100% Pasture Raised and fed organic grain. The pigs are also fed organic grain and are out on pasture with run in shelters provided. Farm sales and farm tours are encouraged. We also sell at the local Farmers' Market in Ithaca, NY and at 'Farm Connections in Syracuse, Rochester, Ithaca, NY and also in Mansfield, PA We are developing a training program for families to work together at home to develop a sustainable family farming venture of their own. Please visit our web site for more information at

Listing last updated on Mar 4, 2013

We are now able to offer beef, lamb and poultry all fresh frozen, year round. All products are vacuum packaged and flash frozen to guarantee freshness 1 year or more.

Schedule and Location:

Ithaca Farmers' Market Every Saturday
Brighton and Mendon every other Thursday
Farm Sales daily by appointment

Schedule and Location:

Please visit http://www.pasturepride to learn about our
'Farm Connections' where we take your orders via email, and then package product and meet you at a designated location near your home. This way, we can drive to one location and serve many families, saving you gas and time. It has been working well for over 10 years now.

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We have been purchasing our meats from McDonald Farm for over 4 years and have never been disappointed. Peter is a gentleman that has consistently delivered an excellent product (even in snow and bitter cold) to our family. We hope that he has continued success!

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