McManigle Grove

We grow avocados, cherimoyas, lemons, macadamia nuts, blood oranges, passion fruit, grapefruit and Mexican and Asian guavas and avocado gift packs (Guacamole Kits) are available mailed to your friends and family. Also farm tours can be arranged.

Listing last updated on Jan 6, 2015

Meyer Lemons
(From $23.95)


Asian Guavas - Fresh
(From $22.95)


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My husband and I got addicted to these incredible fruits. We have ordered three boxes of them for the last three months. They would always arrive in excellent condition and fast. Cannot wait till the next year.

This was my first time trying the Reed variety of avocado. They arrived in perfect condition. They weren't ripe yet and took 3-4 days to be edible. They were perfect inside and had a flavor not unlike the Haas variety.... [more]

I had no idea how fantastic Reed Avocados were until I nearly passed them by at a local farm stand last month. Haas had been my benchmark for tasty avocado, and now I am spoiled forever by Reeds! I ordered 10 pounds to be sent to my best friend back East.... [more]

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