Meat CSA--Half Share

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Meat CSA--Half Share

A meat CSA offering a monthly share of beef, pork, lamb, rabbit and chicken raised humanely and sustainably in Central Virginia.

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Our CSA is for people who love animals and happen to eat meat, too.

Tuckahoe's CSA provides an excellent way for you to have a steady supply of meat that you know for sure has been raised humanely and without hormones or antibiotics. By joining us, you receive a 20 lb share of the meat raised on our farm each month during the CSA season.

Your share will be a mix of meat types and cuts that will vary with the seasons...that's the beauty of eating local and in season. The box has a guaranteed amount of meat from our several species of livestock: beef, pork, lamb, rabbit and chicken.

You will not receive meat from every species each month, but you will receive at least 10 lbs in a variety of cuts from each of three categories: steak, roast & braise and ground. If you would prefer not to receive meat from a particular species we will gladly exempt one species from your CSA share.

Your monthly share is valued at $100 and generally, will contain the following:

  • 2 lb steak cuts--steaks, chops, rack
  • 4 lb roast & braise cuts--roasts and meats for a big dinner
  • 4 lb ground--perfect for burgers and meatballs
  • Members sign a contract for a 6-month share and agree to pay in advance. By joining Tuckahoe's CSA you are helping to sustain a local family farm and in return, enjoy our healthy, flavorful meats all season.

    Our Summer CSA Season begins June 1st and ends in November.

    Meat share pick-up is bi-monthly. Egg share pick-up is weekly.

    Pick up on the farm or at the following locations:


    8am-12pm St. Stephens Farmers Market 6000 Grove Ave Richmond VA 23226

    8am-12pm South of the James Market Forest Hill Ave&42nd St Richmond VA 23225


    3pm-7pm Byrd House Market 980 Idlewood Ave Richmond VA 23220

    By joining our Meat or Egg CSAs you are supporting our family farm and ensuring that each month, you receive an amazing array of the best possible meats and eggs from animals that are raised the right way: with access to wide open spaces and free from hormones and antibiotics.

    Enjoy our naturally raised, hormone and antibiotic free, meat, dairy, eggs and fiber.