Media Contacts

Journalists and other members of the media are welcome to contact LocalHarvest when working on stories about local food, farmers markets, CSAs, the evolving food system, and the like. Please email Erin Barnett, Director of LocalHarvest: .

Other Ways of Using and/or Promoting LocalHarvest

Would you like to help us promote our work? Here are a few ways you can do so.


Help us spread the word by letting people know about our services. You can do this by giving copies of the flyers below to farms, farmers' markets, and to the general public. The first flyer is an invitation for farms and farmers' markets to list on our website. The second one invites the public to visit our site.

Use Our Zip Code Search Widget

Find Local Food

If you think that your Web site could use a "quick search" for local produce, like the one shown here, feel free to add a "Zip Code/City Search" widget to your site. Go ahead and take it! We mean it! You are very welcome to copy the code necessary to put a LH search box on your site. We do not, however, offer direct feeds of our data.

High Resolution Map

Higher resolution maps of LocalHarvest members in the continental US and Canada. (1280 x 750 pixels):

Mini Banner

If you'd like to host a small banner ad for LocalHarvest on your Web site, you can find the banner and html code on our logos page.