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We had 3 workers on our farm today, that found us through local harvest. We also had another intern join last week who found us through local harvest. These young people want to learn what we have to teach and can spare the 1/2 day we ask in trade for the most awesome food and education . I really need the willing help as we have no tractor. After we work, I feed them so It is like a big beautiful Family coming together. I am also able to sell items on through the LocalHarvest Store that I can't sell locally. It all adds up to a better life and an example of the change we need to see in our communities. I say thank you "LocalHarvest" .You have made a huge impact on our lives in a few short months!

Sharon Carson, Sharon's Natural Gardens

Many thanks to I've been getting more and more requests because of my listing with you guys. Thanks again for what you do!

Shari Sirkin, Dancing Roots Farm

Guillermo Payet is the founder of LocalHarvest, and it was great meeting him after the last couple of years that we have known each other through the internet where we have had a listing on his website. I see Guillermo as a fine example of a person emigrating from another country and working with his whole being to meld into the American way of life and make a place for himself in the largest way. It is due to the fresh exuberant energy of people like him and the native talent and work abilities of the American people that we have the fine way of life in this country that we enjoy now.

John Dicus, Rivenrock Gardens

Just a note to one and all to tell you how Absolutely awesome the Local Harvest Administrators are. LH is on top of things - it's good to know!

Lucy Wellhausen, Ohio Honey

You guys are great! We have had several calls inititated from the LocalHarvest website so thanks! We look forward to working more with you!

David Shonk, Troutdale Fresh Direct Farm

Last season we received numerous inquiries from people who found us on your website. It's a great resource and I thank you for offering it to the public.

Becky Herbert, Herbert Family Farm

Thanks for continuing to do such an exceptional job!

Cindy Krepky, Dog Mountain Farm

Many thanks for all your help in promoting local farms. We have receivged many inquiries from people who have seen our listing on your site.

Tim Fuller, Erehwon Farm

Thanks for your care and commitment to this website - I know that I am not alone in gratitude for your hard work.

Heather Houk, Prescott College CSA

LocalHarvest has brought me several customers already, and I tell lots of people who want other types of products to look at the website to see if they can find a farmer in their area with what they want.

Lori Anne Lau, Lau Family Farm

Thank you again for providing such an wonderful survice to the Ranchers/Farmers and Consumers of this Grand Land, and thank you for having the vision and commitment to build LocalHarvest. I expect that you felt somewhat like Noah when you first started, but as in his case, your vision has proven to be God inspired.

VMac, Baldwin Family Farms

Thank you so much for all the hard work you've done all year. Thanks to LocalHarvest this year we've sold the most soap of any year.

Debbie Burns, Beulah Land Soaps

I would like to thank you for starting LocalHarvest. I am a small farmer in upstate new york. We very recently signed up, and today, through your site I was contacted by someone who is looking to purchase our popcorn.

Jacqueline Springer, Blushing Meadows Farm

I should tell you how many inquiries I've gotten off your web site for my CSA and my farm, you have been a great resource for us and I am always grateful!

Katherine Kelly, Growing Growers

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the responses I have received from your website. I more than met my expectations. I will be adding items this spring (twig wreaths). I know the year isn't over yet, But I just wanted to say thanks

Lois Hoffbauer, Balsam Wreath

Thank you for the great job you have done on your website. It is really easy to use. I am so glad that you were so persistent in helping me get online with you. I love that you are taking orders! I was so overwhelmed this week with orders, that I added you to my website for all online orders. It will save me a lot of time. Thanks for making it so simple!

Mary Pitman, Mary's Turkeys

We've had a wonderful response from our localharvest listing this season. Thank you for offering this service to local foods folks.

Johanna Divine, Flagstaff Community Market

Thanks for all the work you've been doing. LocalHarvest looks great! Your enthusiasm is contagious. I'm up late tonight to get some work done on my store while it's quiet in the house. I'll be adding new products soon. Thanks again!

Robin Follette, Thyme For Ewe Farm

Our farm has recieved several calls from people finding us through your site! Thanks! We appreciate it.

Maria Davidson, EquiTerra Farm

Websites don't get much better than LocalHarvest! Simply awesome. I'm sure you realize what a tremendous bridge (and how easy to cross!) your site has created for those wanting to buy and market local.

Melissa Harvey, New Boston Farmers' Market

Thank you for your dedication to the small farmers of this country. Your Local Harvest page has been a huge help for both food buyers and food growers.

Barbara Greene, Tilth Producers of Washington

We have a farm near Portland, Oregon and have gotten some interest in our farm though LocalHarvest. We greatly appreciate your work on the site! Again, thank you so much for the work that you do... it's a wonderful service for everyone interested in local food connections!

Val Blaha, Mossback Farm

I've gotten many more contacts from people off your website than from my own website....I don't know if you yet realize how important what you guys are doing is.

Alan Cunningham, Vital Zuman Farm

I'm so proud to be part of LocalHarvest.. you really care and it shows.

Karin Rasmussen, Herb'n Renewal

Just wanted to let you know Local Harvest has brought quiet a few buyers to the farm.

Anthony Owens, Windy Ridge Farms

I want to tell you how much we like the Local Harvest web site. The graphics, etc. are awesome and it's a very easy site to navigate. Keep up the great work!

Lois Federman, Marr's Valley View Farms

Just a note to thank you for the job your doing. This media coverage you are getting for LocalHarvest is awesome. The gold standard of advertising is to become news. Kudos.

Catherine Banghart,

Thank you for all of your help and atention. It is great to work with someone that is very responsive and is patient with us.

Benjamin Rosh, Sunny Brook Farms

All the work you do is wonderful and much appreciated. Keep up the good work! Blessings!

Shelly Elliott, Idle Thyme Farm and CSA

And I know how hard you are working for us farmers. I do appreciate all your effort and hard work. I guess some folks have a vision. We just have to keep our eye on the vision, and work hard to achieve our goals.

Pamela Morgan, Gracious Gardens

On our own website, I have the ability to check our site statistics which details the source of the hit. I have a surprisingly large amount that are generated from your website.

Pat Randleas, Home Grown Kansas

This is great, I am starting to get some orders and look forward to this growing into possibly a good off-season supplement. This will really help small farms like me -- bless you for pursuing this project!

Cathy Crosson, Red Rosa Alpacas