MERINO Wool Yarn

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MERINO Wool Yarn

Our Merino wool yarn is in rare natural rich shades of Creamy White, Cocoa & Espresso. Limited edition laceweight now available!

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Our flock of Merino sheep have fleeces which range in color from a creamy white to a deep espresso. Fleeces in the same color range are grouped together when processed, because the colors are rare. For example dark espresso shades are mixed with other dark brown shades; and medium light "grays" are mixed with other medium tones. These variations in color, when the cleaned fibers are blended together give a richness to the yarn, that can't be duplicated with dyes. With the lighter browns , it can give the yarns a heathered look. So you have natural color without chemicals. Safer for you.

The raw wool is then spun into a lovely, 2 ply woolen yarn. It is now ready for your next project, whether a hat, scarf, sweater, baby blanket or shawl. Because Merino is so fine and the "king" of the wool fibers, it can be worn next to your skin, without scratchiness. Plus it makes your knitting that much more enjoyable when the fibers are soft and luxurious.

Perhaps you enjoy bright colors. If so, the creamy white Merino wool does take dye beautifully. Or overdye the darker espresso or cocoa for deeper darker hues.

LIMITED EDITION LACEWEIGHT 2 ply yarn now available in grey-brown- 250 yard skeins.

The 2 ply skeins are 4 oz. each and have approximately 220 yds. Depending on how you knit, a US 7 to 9 needle will be 4 stitches to the inch. About 9 wpi.

1 skein an adults large hat - 23" mans medium mittens 2 skeins- a 10x 56" scarf 3 skeins -S child sweater

Merino does costs abit more to purchase. This is because the number of mills in the U.S., which can devote the extra time, attention and have the required machinery to handle the fineness of the raw wool are smaller. This requires it to be shipped across several state lines. Plus additional washing because of natural heavier grease content of the breed and additional processing steps all add up. So, when you make your choice consider not just the lowest price, but choose between good and best. Excellence is a result of many factors including: 1) high quality animals 2) practices of good nutrition and preventative care 3)sheep coats for cleaner fleeces 4) consistency 5) not cutting corners.

Why not give it a try today? You won\'t be disappointed! its finest. From the shepherds home to your hands!