At Merrymoon Farm, in the beautiful Shenadoah Valley in Virginia, we raise grass fed, free range, heritage breed cattle, pigs and sheep on our small family farm. Our animals are raised with sunshine, fresh air and well water and no confinement! In inclement weather the pigs enjoy their pig huts filled with bedding straw and in the summer mud wallows keep them cool. Stalls and barns are available for the cattle and sheep in any adverse weather conditions. Our philosophy is to provide a low stress environment for our animals. It keeps them, and us happy!

The animals are primarily grass fed. Hay is also fed in the cooler months and the pigs receive feed all year round. The cattle and sheep receive a few scoops daily so that they continue to come to us, even after taking a "field trip" and occasionally escaping the fences.

We do not use growth hormones, chemical manipulation or steroids on our animals. We use antibiotics only when absolutely necessary and most animals on the farm have never been treated with them.

Back inthe '80's we first raised grass fed beef. We really believed in the concept, even though there weren't many in our area doing this. We now see an ongoing acceptance and recognition of the superiority of this method of raising animals. It is great to see many are embracing this system and how the demand for these products is growing.

We believe in preserving the heritage breeds to maintain genetic diversity and in keeping with this we raise West Highland Cattle, Katahdin Hair Sheep and Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs. We also raise a Tamworth/Cross heritage pig. These are a cross of Tamworth with either Large Black, Berkshire, Hampshire or Yorkshire breeds. Our customers rave about our products! The pork is succulent, the beef rich, earthy and tender, and the lamb is mild and nuanced and delicious!

We sell our product by the whole, half, family pack or custom cut. All of our meat is processed at a USDA inspected facility.

In the summer we have raised bed gardens, where we grow strawberries, asparagus, herbs, potatoes, flowers and lots of other vegetables. Each year brings a different abundance and we give a gift of herb or flowers, or whatever is currently in abundance, to our our customers to thank them for their meat purchase! We also believe that our customers must be happy with the product and we welcome all feedback.


Listing last updated on Mar 6, 2013

We raise free range, grass fed heritage breed animals with sunshine, exercise, shelter and no steroids, growth hormones or routine antibiotics. All our meat is USDA inspected by a local butcher. We sell by the whole, half, family pack or custom cut. Delicious, slow grown pasture raised meat products!

Schedule and Location:

We will be selling at Farmer's Markets in our area Spring - Fall 2013. Please check back for further info as to where we bill be in next few weeks!

Pork, Beef and Lamb

We deliver to you or let you pick up at our USDA butcher when the processing is complete.

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