Michigan Specialty Meats Cooperative

Potterville, Michigan

Michigan Specialty Meats Cooperative

Michigan Specialty Meats Cooperative now offers USDA processed Premium Goat Meat.We are a cooperative of experienced farmers raising goats on our family farms in Michigan. We work hard to provide the highest quality care for our animals and the land. We practice sustainable farm methods to ensure that future generations will be able to continue to produce high quality food in our state. Our goats are raised in an environment that compliments their natural behavior and ruminant digestive systems. They are not confined and fed a high grain diet but allowed to roam and graze in fresh pastures. They move from one pasture to another on a regular or "rotational" basis. Rotational grazing provides them with fresh grasses to eat on a regular basis and while grazing they deposit their natural fertilizer on the ground, which enriches the soil. In the winter months, when pasture is not available, they are given nutritious hay. When supplemented with grain, the feed never contains any antibiotics or animal by-products. Our dedication to good stewardship for our animals and protection for the environment is evident in the ever growing number of our member farms receiving Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program(MAEAP) verification and displaying the MAEAP sign on their farms.[/link]


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The vision of the Michigan Specialty Meat Cooperative is to produce a superior meat, raised to exceptional standards so the customer will have an extraordinary dining experience every time they choose our brand.

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