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Listing last updated on Jul 31, 2014

For Sale from beekeeper: Really raw and 100% pure HONEY, Natural BEESWAX, Raw Bee GLUE (Propolis) and Wildflower Bee POLLEN.

Schedule and Location:

960 Wallula Ave. Walla Walla

Tues - Sun from 10 am - 5 pm

Schedule and Location:

905 S 2nd Ave, Walla Walla
7 days a week from 8 am - 8 pm

Raw Honey, Pure Beeswax, White or Red Wheat. FOB 99362. Shipping available. Please contact for more info.

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Came to me very fast, smells wonderful - will definitely attract honey bees to my garden. Great price! Love the packaging! Thank you Aletheia and Dustin Alexander

I just received my honey!!! I never liked that honey in the little bear everyone sells. I opened the container and took a spoonful and wow, it tasted like nothing I have ever tasted!!! I never knew honey ( raw) tasted so good, I will be using this instead of sugar!!!! I bought this because I heard it is good for your immune system and whatever ails you. Thank You for this wonderful product!!!!!!

My items were sent so fast I was so excited! I got the acne balm and I've tried so many only to be disappointed. This one is doing the trick. I've been putting it on before bed and I notice a difference, its simple and I love it.... [more]

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