Miracoli Farm, LLC

We are a small family farm, Veteran-owned and Kentucky Proud.

We raise heritage breeds of pigs, chickens, turkeys, and ducks to offer families and chefs the very best meat and eggs that we can produce.

Pork: Pure Red Wattle, 2014. Coming in 2015: Red Wattle/Mangalitsa, for the finest pork that also holds up to the demands of smoking and artisan charcuterie. Planned offering of pure Mangalitza pork in 2016, for amazing marbling and gorgeous, heart healthy lard.

Our pigs are raised in the woods with access to organic/non-gmo grain. Happily, we are at the beginning of our project to convert our land to silvopasture to eliminate grain.

Chicken: Our meat birds are primarily Plymouth Rocks, but may be farm-bred crossed with our New Hampshire Reds or Buckeyes.

Duck: Welsh Harlequin. We're really excited to be able to offer this little-known duck for your table or restaurant. Duck is a treat, and the fat is truly gourmet. Welshies are a light-framed bird that will actually fit in a crockpot, and provide discerning chefs with the foundation for outstanding duck prosciutto. They are also prolific layers of eggs that are nutritionally superior to those of chickens (sorry chickens).

Our birds are truly free range on pasture and in the woods, and are securely cooped at night.

Poultry CSA coming in 2015!

We don't pursue labels certifying our products because we choose to waste our time giving the pigs belly rubs, enjoying the ducks splashing in the water, or watching the chickens play a rousing game of "I've got the worm!" We have only so many hands, and life is short. We believe that our family, our farm, and our wonderful customers are better served by our unique way of raising animals, which is evident on the plate. You really can taste the love. We love what we do, and welcome any inquiries.

And when you support our farm, you also support a much bigger mission. Please see our website to learn more.


Listing last updated on Jul 31, 2014

We're Veteran-owned and Kentucky Proud. Our small family farm is involved with preservation efforts of heritage breed livestock: Red Wattle hogs; Plymouth Rock chickens; Slate and Sweetgrass turkeys; and Welsh Harlequin ducks. We steward our animals to the best of our ever-growing abilities, and strive to bring you the very best quality for your family or restaurant. USDA processing and shipping is always possible. Chefs welcome.

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