Missoula Grain & Vegetable Co.

Lolo, Montana
Family Farm

Missoula Grain & Vegetable Co.

The Missoula Grain and Vegetable Co. is a diversified farmscape offering several unique CSA programs to members looking for a more well-rounded source of chemical-free foods from 25-miles away!

We're your local source for:

  • nutritious whole grains (from oats to farro)
  • pseudo-cereals like quinoa, of which we're trialing
  • several tasty varieties of more than 35 types of vegetables
  • vine-ripened fruits we glean for members from urban trees throughout August and September
  • Summer and Winter CSAs are the backbone of our business, but working to improve the soil organic matter + structure + nutrient cycling + foodweb is of the utmost importance to us, personally. In this vein, we're devoting half the leased land to densely seeded living mulches (buckwheat, annual clovers, and oats).

    We also offer shares in our Agriculture Supported Community (ASC) Program. This is a pay-as-you-go model akin to the CSA. Except...there's no lump sum or deposit required at the beginning of the season. ASC members are just obligated to a) pay $25 each week over the course of the growing season (June-October) and b) spread the project word-of-mouth to at least three other families, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. We hope this option is a means to finance nutritious food for all!


    Listing last updated on Mar 15, 2014

    Because. People. And. Soil Matter.

    Season:  June through October

    Type:  single farm

    Since:  2013

    # of Shares:  60

    Full Share:  Summer Shares: $500 (full share), $250 (half share, deliveries every 2 weeks) $125 (quarter share, small deliveries every week, or a full share 1 wk/mo)

    1/2 Share:  $250/year or $25 per week

    Work Req?  No

    Schedule and Location:

    Summer Farmers Market
    Day: Saturday
    Time: 9am - 11am
    Where: Clark Fork Market, near Caras Park

    Winter Farmers Market
    Day: Saturday
    Time: 11am-2pm
    Where: Missoula County Fairgrounds, Floriculture Building

    On-farm pickups are welcome (please call beforehand).

    We also deliver CSA shares once each week to:
    -216 Woodford Street, near Hellgate High School

    Baby Ginger ('Yellowfin')
    Fava Beans
    Atomic RED Carrots
    Snow Peas
    Heirloom Tomatoes (from 'Purple Bumble Bee' to 'Black Cherry')
    A Sweet Corn variety bred in the Gallatin Valley, MT

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