Mixt Greens

Mixt Greens is an Eco-Gourmet® restaurant that serves environmentally responsible fine food.

Eco: our business puts the earth first from the food we serve (organic, sustainable, local) to the take-away containers we use (made from 100% compostable corn) to the spaces we occupy (built with renewable, recycled, and environmentally friendly materials).

Gourmet: our menu is the creation of executive chef Andrew Swallow, our food is prepared in house with the freshest, highest quality, organic, and locally sourced ingredients, we research the source of each ingredient to ensure it lives up to our high standards.

Mixt Greens is the collaborative effort of a brother who's passionate about food and his sister and her husband who are passionate about environmental sustainability. Andrew Swallow, Leslie Silverglide, and David Silverglide are a unique combination of culinary talent, environmental expertise, and business savvy. The team hopes to build Mixt Greens into a trusted brand that sets the bar in environmentally responsible fine food.

Here are a few of the local farms we support: Jay Leaf, Judy's Family Organic Farm, T.D. Willey Farm, Skyhill Farm, Hummingbird Farm, Coke Farm, Bremnar Farm, Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co., Bernal's Greenhouse, Gabriel Farm, Stellar Farm, and Happy Boy Farm.


Listing last updated on Apr 7, 2009

Mixt Greens is an environmental business pioneer and green leader in the restaurant industry and has been since our founding. We strive to be environmentally responsible throughout our operation and minimize our environmental footprint in every way possible.

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