Moggi Ranch

Moggi Ranch is an organic family farm with approximately 800 trees planted within four orchards. Located within 95 acres in the Altamont Pass Region located in rural Alameda County, we tend specialty or rare fruit trees - pomegranate, mulberry, peach, plum, and nectarine trees. We view ourselves as stewards of these wonderful trees. Our future is bright, indeed and we are excited about our limitless potential as we take our place as an environmentally conscious, sustainable organic orchard.

Our orchards are crop balanced - growth is appropriate for the tree spacing; and, the leaf area in relation to the amount of fruit, are in proper proportion. In other words, we do not stress our trees with more fruit than they can handle. This maximizes the potential for very large and flavorful fruit. We grow amongst the existing plant and wildlife and have a no kill policy with regard to the wildlife who is allowed to forage for fruit that drops from the trees. We believe that nature will ultimately balance itself and with our stewardship, will prosper and produce more than enough for everyone.

The evidence of this philosophy can be found in our mulberry and pomegranate production this year. Despite an invasion of a non-indigenous species locusts and a severe drought from 2010 that continued into 2012, our trees produced an abundance of delicious fruit. We are honored to be a part of this diverse ecosystem and take our responsibilities very seriously. We are continuously seeking ways to maximize nature's bounty.

All of our trees are organically grown and in addition to the organic, sustainable methods that we practice for the life of the tree, we also are very careful what we plant in our orchards. All organic farms are not the same and our mission is different from other orchards, not just in the fruits that we produce but in the philosophy of which we operate. Individuals are deserving of their own uniqueness, and it is that diversity, that if allowed to flourish, will ultimately yield a more interesting individual. This is true for trees too. Our trees are not cloned as is the standard practice in modern farming but are grown from carefully selected seed stock. This is important because our trees are allowed to be who they are and they develop a tree specific taste to their fruit. A very subtle variation, a play on the taste buds, enough of a question to prompt your taste buds to want to know more and demand another taste until the riddle is solved.

Yet it is not that simple and the solution lies within each individual tree. Some of our trees are tall, some are short and fat, some lean, some have large leaves, some do not - each is allowed to be who they are and encouraged to be the best damn tree in the orchard. The fruit of these trees combine to produce a magical melody on your palate of sweet, spice, and tart notes that addict your taste buds and keep you wanting more.


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People are looking for something more. They yearn to add meaning and value to their lives. Organic farming in today's technological world seems to be two steps backward, and it is a lot more involved than just a yearning for simplicity. Food is more that nutrition; it is part of the foundation of culture and our community. Organic farming is taking responsibility for the restoration of those values that give meaning to our lives.

Schedule and Location:

Currently Closed until further notice.

Schedule and Location:

Saturday and Sunday 11am to dark.
This is our last weekend to be open, Nov 2nd, for Pomegranate Picking. The trees are still loaded with fruit however it is time to harvest. I have just came in from the orchard and the trees are going to be taking a rest very soon to prepare for next spring so we need to pick as soon as possible.

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