Molokai Meli

Molokai meli is a small family owned and operated apiary located on the remote hawaiian island of molokai. the isolation of our island has proven to be a blessing as we do not have many of the diseases common in mainland apiaries.

we specialize in gourmet organic kiawe honey. our gourmet honey is available in specialty 6.5 oz. Gift jars as well as our popular meli stix.

due to the ever decreasing number of kiawe forests, our honey is in limited supply; and due to the exotic flavor, it is in high demand. please be patient if we have sold out.

Listing last updated on Oct 14, 2014

Enjoy the exotic flavor of our gourmet kiawe honey from molokai, hawaii! our bees are gathered by hand from the wild and relocated to our small apiary on this remote hawaiian island. we offer specialty 6.5 oz. Gift jars as well as our locally famous meli stix.

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Your awesome honey was eaten just as fast as it was delivered. Ill definitely buy from you again.

This is a repeat buy from a wonderful family. The Silky honey is undescribable. It is like nothing I have ever had, but could eat it all, with nothing else, in about 5 minutes! If you have not tried it, please do, but not so much that I can't get any.... [more]

This is absolutely the most wonderful honey ever. The taste is so smooth and it is like no other. The Meli stix are perfect for tea or I enjoyed just the honey! Can't wait to order the silky.... [more]

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Welcome to our farm!


Welcome to our farm and our blog!  We get so busy working that we forget some of  you might like to know what it's like living on a remote Hawaiian island, collecting wild bees, then collecting their special honey, and raising a family all at the same time.... [more]

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