Money Plant Seed HEIRLOOOM

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Money Plant Seed HEIRLOOOM

Grow Nature's Coins! Biennial Money Plant, also known as "Silver Dollar Plant" "Honesty" Easy to Grow 2015 seed is ready NOW!

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The variety of Money Plant I have to offer is Lunaria annua, which is a biennial plant grown for its beautiful, early purple flowers and coin like seed pods which are very popular for use in dried arrangements.
Direct sow seeds (I sow thickly for the most lush display) in an area where you would like for them to come back year after year. I have found that Money Plant does not transplant very well, direct sowing is best. Enjoy the large green leaves the 1st year, the 2nd year you will have the lovely, early purple flowers and "money" which can be harvested after left to dry on the plant. Hint: To enjoy flowers / coins each year, sow seed year 1 and year 2. Leave a few dried "coins" on your plants each year to self sow for the next year's crop.
After Money Plant is established, it requires care only in the most extreme dry conditions. I have had no problems with pests or disease of any type with these plants. They pretty much take care of themselves!

SAVE YOUR OWN SEED: Allow flowers to dry on the plant, forming the "coins". The seeds are contained in these coins. Store in a cool, dry place. Properly stored money plant seed may be viable for 3 or more years.
One pack contains minimum of 50 fresh viable seed produced for 2015 garden year
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