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We are a wholesale and retail supplier of certified organic worm castings, Pure Black Castings, and liquid soil inoculant, VermaPlex, which is produced from these all natural worm castings. These worm castings and liquid fertilizer are available from us online and locally for shipping or pickup.

For acreage and volume users, these worm castings and liquid fertilizers are available in tonnage and drum quantities. Use and application guides for Pure Black Castings and VermaPlex are available on our website or you can contact us for more information.

Whether you have a house plant or a landscaping business, grow a vegetable garden or operate a farm, these certified organic worm castings, used with VermaPlex, will produce fantastic results while improving your soil and preserving the environment.

For sports fields, golf courses, sod, or road right-of-ways, worm castings are a smart choice with today's increased awareness of run-off and the resultant polution of our water-ways. Worm castings are recognized by California's strict run-off requirements as well as D.O.T's of numerous states.

Join the "green revolution" by switching from high-cost, low-yield commercial petroleum based fertilizers to slow release, economical worms castings. Mother Earth will thank you.


Listing last updated on Aug 21, 2013

Pure Black Castings, recognized as the gold standard of worm castings, are 99.9% ALL castings. Contains no fillers or excess moisture.

VermaPlex®is fast becoming a legend in the horticulture universe with the highest, most diverse microbe population available.

Certified Organic, OMRI Listed, Slow Release. Never burns, is non-toxic and is immediately safe for children and pets. Bring your soil back to life - Mother Nature will thank you.

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