Moon Dancing Farm

We have been farming with no chemicals for over 25 years - all animals we raise on our 150 acre farm are raised without hormones, steroids, pesticides or artificial fertilizers of ANY kind.

ALL our animals are pastured raised, treated KINDLY at all times and we make sure their lives are stress free and pleasant for the time they are here. We do this because it is what WE believe in and always have.

Our animals enjoy sunshine. shade, lush pastures, shelter when desired and serenity!!...and you enjoy good health and satisfaction that you are eating and contributing to humanely raised, healthy meats !

Pastured pork Grass fed beef Pastured turkeys, (heritage, whites & bronze) Pastured chickens

ALL living creatures here are given a good life...know care, comfort and a feel of security & love when we tend them! No artificial ANYTHING!

Listing last updated on Jan 11, 2015

We raise our livestock on 100% organic pastures Our fields are NEVER sprayed or do they have any chemicals whatsoever. All animals on Moon Dancing Farm are treated with love and good care for the time they are here, they have lush pasture, shelter and good organic fields.

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