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We at MoonBranch Botanicals are proud that you have entrusted us as your supplier of quality botanical products. Our philosophy centers on the belief that plants produced in their native habitats consistently yield a higher quality product. Through our sustainable sourcing methods involving the responsible cultivation and wild harvesting of botanicals within these habitats, we strive to consistently supply our customer with the highest quality botanicals available. This is the foundation of our approach to satisfying and exceeding expectations relevant to consistency, potency, and proper species identification.

Listing last updated on Jan 15, 2015

OUR SOURCING METHODS WoodsCultureTM & MeadowCultureTM Produced under proprietary production systems developed by MoonBranch Botanicals. These systems are designed in accordance with the unique habitat requirements of each species produced. They generally seek to mimic the natural plant communities in which each of the species occur within their native range.

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