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We raise heritage breeds of turkeys and sheep We started with registered (JSBA) Jacob sheep in 1997 and aquired registered Icelandic sheep in 2004. We sell our best purebred sheep as breeding stock as well as grass fed lambs in the fall. Sometimes they get a little bit of grain in the winter or during times of stress, so lambs are not necessarily all grass fed. We like the primitive sheep breeds because they are easy lambers, good mothers and grow well on a mostly forage diet. It's also a plus that they have wonderful wool for spinners and felters and belong to rare or unusual breeds. In 2011, we added some larger meat breed ewes in our flock as well - a couple Texel crosses, two purebred Tunis ewes bred to a local Tunis ram and a longwool cross ewe and her half Icelandic daughter. We still have two of our purebred Jacob ewes although we no longer keep a Jacob ram. Most of our crossbreds and non-Icelandic ewes are bred to a pure Texel ram for 2014 meat lambs.

We have been raising heritage breed turkeys since 2005. We only have one breeding pair and not selling them for meat in the fall. We will have some live turkeys available for sale either for breeding stock or for people who wish to do their own butchering. Our 2014 poults will be only purebred Narragansetts. We have a few chickens for eggs and fun, but do not plan to sell chicken for meat this year either. We have purebred Marans (black copper, splash and a cuckoo) and may have some chicks to sell in the spring/summer of 2014. Our new roosters are a splash and a black copper from a quality breeder and most of our hens came from Myer hatchery.

We raise and sell blueberries, blackberries, red raspberries, currants, aronia berries, garlic, onions, tomatoes, carrots, Asian pears and various other vegetables and fruits. We sell home produced jellies and jams as well as dried herbs and vegetables. We are not certifified organic because of our small size. We don't use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or treated seeds in our gardens or orchards. We do use some OMRI approved substances for control of pests on the fruit trees and we use Bt on some cole crops. I don't always buy my seeds/plants from organic sources because I have suppliers I have used for years and don't like to change just because they are not considered organic although I try to buy organic seeds/starts whenever possible. I also do a lot of my own seed saving with tomatoes and legumes primarily.

We sell handspun yarn and wool - raw or washed but sometimes processed either into roving or drum carded bats. We occasionally have sheep pelts, skulls and horns for sale. We usually have felt balls available which make great cat/kid toys or to be used in crafts or as dryer balls.

We market our varied produce at the Farmer's Market held in Wooster, OH on Saturdays from June to October. some of our products are available at Local Roots in Wooster, OH all year round. We also do on-farm direct sales and mail-order for shippable items. We do not plan to ship eggs, meat or animals by mail and can sometimes deliver sheep for a fee if it's not too far. We are happy to deliver sheep to a local processor if they are being purchased for meat.

The animals and plants on our farm compliment each other well. We use organic methods as much as possible and strive for a sustainable and natural farm. We grow things the way we would like to eat them - contented and healthy animals and plants free of synthetic chemicals.


Listing last updated on Jan 15, 2015

We have sheep skins or pelts for sale and several fleeces shorn recently available and some nice washed fleeces from previous years. Icelandic fleeces in various colors - some raw and some washed, I also a white Icelandic lamb fleece. Contact me for prices and a list.

Rovings available: Icelandic roving in a charcoal color! I also have blends of Icelandic/llama in a charcoal gray and Jacob/Alpaca in a light gray.

Schedule and Location:

Saturdays, 8 am to Noon, on the square in Downtown Wooster, OH

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I purchased shallots from Moonstuck Farm at the Wooster Farmers Market. They are good people with quality products! The yarn was beautiful....I only wish I had the talent to make something with it!

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