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Morgan Botanicals is a small handmade company owned and operated by Jessica Morgan, Herbalist, Environmental Horticulture & Crop Science Graduate.

Before creating Morgan Botanicals I was a botanical research biologist for the University of California Stanislaus- working to protect endangered CA native plant species, specifically: Beavertail cactus - (Opuntia basilaris) and Kern mallow - (Eremalche kernensis). I have been a practicing herbalist for over seventeen years (self taught and mentored) but have completed a three year course of herbal study under Michael Tierra at the East West School of Herbology. My continuing education includes all aspects of the science and art of Herbalism including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Native American Medicine, Ayurveda, Vitalism and Botany as well as some Clinical Nutrition and Aromatherapy. I have recently relocated from California to Colorado and have finished a course at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism. But during my Colorado roaming I crossed paths and have been truly inspired by the beautiful Farida Sharan of the School of Natural Medicine and am now studying her teachings. My lifelong passion for herbology, holistic nutrition, and gardening have led me to develop Morgan Botanicals where I can share not only my knowledge of plants, but also to help people reconnect with the healing powers of the plant kingdom.

I have been blessed in a million ways and have studied herbalism under: Michael & Lesley Tierra at the East West School Of Herbology Paul Bergner at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism

And continue to study under: Farida Sharan at the School of Natural Medicine Heidi Jarvis ND at the School of Natural Medicine Brigitte Mars in Boulder CO

I offer a year around Herbal CSA, medicine making workshops, children's classes, plant walks, and garden and crop advice. I am currently involved as a volunteer on a small Loveland Community Garden Project and working with some amazing people on the design and construction of a local community garden. I am available for garden coaching, offering both design and plant selection ideas and maintenance tips for pesticide free food and medicine gardens- including private, front yard, community based as well as school gardens. I enjoy working side by side with clients to perform some of the tasks such as layout, soil advise, companion planting techniques, and hands-on planting.

What herbs I don't grow or ethically forage, I buy or trade from reputable organic growers. I sell locally to businesses, wholesale, midwives, and have a booth at the Farmers' Market. Morgan Botanicals supports locally grown produce, local trade/barter and green businesses.

I live in the beautiful Loveland, CO area with my adventurous, spaceship building, twig and rock collecting worker bee husband and our four children, three of which were born at home accompanied by our midwife. We are in the process of finding our dream home on a farm where we can grow food and medicine in abundance in a sexy permaculture, companion planted, hand-worked fashion, with a warm little greenhouse and a nursery, a place for the herb shop with a roof top garden and a classroom....and maybe even a home for the bumblers!

Morgan Botanicals shows support and is a proud member of the following professional organizations:

* The American Herbalist Guild * The Herb Research Foundation * United Plant Savers * American Horticulture Society * FFA


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Morgan Botanicals is the work and journey of me Jessica Morgan, certified Community Herbalist and Horticulturist. I warmly welcome you to learn more about the amazing value of plants: Take a class, pick up fresh plants or medicinal seeds, or enjoy freshly handcrafted herbal products and monthly Herbal CSA boxes where everything is lovingly prepared with the intention to nurture and comfort. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Season:  January through January

Type:  3rd party CSA service

Since:  2006

# of Shares:  20

Full Share:  Choose a Small share for $160.00 or Large share for $200.00

1/2 Share:  

Work Req?  No

Please visit www.morganbotanicals for wholesale requirements.

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Awesome tea. One of the best I've ever tasted. The taste is full of fresh flavor. I highly recommend it.

The tea is delicious, the packaging is great, and the shipping was prompt. I ordered the 1oz package and the tea seems fresh and quite fragrant, however it seems to upset my stomach slightly.... [more]

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