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Farm Profile:

Moss Hill Farm, a Biodynamic practicing farm located in urbanville Milton in North Fulton at 13230 Freemanville Road about 1/2 mile north of Milton High School. It is about 1 acre of intense close companion planting. I use the mulched, top 2-3 inch lite till, organic methods of raising healthy, flavorful, wholesome vegetables and herbs. Moss Hill commitment to organic farming practices means NO synthetic products are used, including fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides are used on any of the vegetables. This is a "drug-free", chemical-free farm! The organic biodynamic status (not government certified) is the customer's assurance that there will be NO Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), Sewage Sludge, or Irradiation used in the production of these agricultural food products. I have tried to get as close to the way God grows things as anyone can, to produce these vegetables. You are welcome to come by for a personal inspection.

CSA offer:

This year I will be offering a ,Spring (6 weeks), Summer (12 weeks), Fall (12 weeks), and Winter (6 weeks) CSA. I publish what is available for the following week to those who are part of the CSA shareholders; pick up will be on Wednesday afternoon from 4-6 PM and Saturday morning from 10-12 a.m.(special needs can be met).

Each vegetable offering will normally supplement a family of four.... two adults (teens have adult appetites), and two small children, to compliment your family meals. OR If yours is a vegetarian home, the offering is usually sufficient for one to two, depending on your unique eating habits. You will be able to modify the amounts by ordering extras if you feel you need it. I welcome your input to help me adjust a fair amount. It will be a first come first serve.

Freshness Plan:

We harvest most of the vegetables on the day of pick up. Since most of our sales are by CSA we know what and when to harvest for the just picked freshness.

Absolute Guarantee:

My guarantee is that if you ever buy anything from my farm that you do not 100% agree is the most flavorful and fresh, I will refund your purchase for whatever reason. Some of it will be ugly and not perfect like you see in the commercial stores, but they will not be able to compete with the flavor and nutrients . Often the heirloom tomatoes are called ugly tomatoes because of how they look with their motley colors, cracks and odd shapes, but they will be the best tasting you have ever experienced or your money back. Is that fair enough?

Nature Rules:

At the farm, we plan, plant and manage the growth of our crops in succession so we won't run out. There are times that in spite of all the dedication and prayers, nature does not cooperate with our schedules and best intentions. When this happens there may be less of some crops and more of others. Nature always has the upper hand! Our members understand the natural processes we work with. Since we replant at regular intervals during the season, what may be lacking one week will show up in future offers.

Visits to Moss Hill and Event Days:

Members are welcome to visit the farm at almost any time -- BY APPOINTMENT! Since I am not always here (I do have other off-farm chores and activities) I encourage you to CALL AHEAD! We also hold volunteer work & fun days, encouraging members to get involved. Hands-on classes are offered at least once a quarter covering the various aspects of biodynamic organic gardening located at the farm. I strongly urge you to do the garden tour before becoming a customer. I would love to show you the process that your food will be grown, it takes about 30 minutes.

Soil Fertility:

We use biodynamic homopathic teas and compost, plant cover crops (green manure), rotate our vegetable plant locations, and use only natural minerals, compost, herbal, and other organic biodynamic preparations. I do have thousands of tillers at work in the soil. These workers are the lowly earthworms and microbes; you can go to any place in my garden and find 1000s of them. Insect Pests:

Our purpose is to manage and not eliminate. We introduce and encourage habitat for beneficial insects, birds, bats, and other creatures that prey upon unwanted insects. We need the bad insects to show up to feed the good insects. You will notice the wooded habitat around the garden and numerous birdhouses to attract the birds. Frogs are numerous because of the pond, and spiders help control the flying insects.


No matter what I do, there seems to always be an abundance of weeds. Good plants in the wrong place. I love this definition of weeds: they are like teenagers, they only want a place to stay, to eat and find a way to reproduce. Weeding is done by hand, light tilling, 'dusting'(lightly breaking the soil as it hardens over), munch, ashing, homeopathic teas, cover crops, by hoeing, "flaming" and other safe practices.


You will notice the overhead sprinklers in the middle of the garden. This is the primary method of applying water, from either the pond you see out front or well water which supplies our personal residence next door. I only have to use it a few times a year because the mulch retains the moisture so well.

Plant Diseases and other Problems:

The goal is to treat the soil like you do your children. If you give them a pleasant place to live, provide good wholesome food for them, and make sure they get plenty of exercise; they will stay healthy warding off the unlimited germs and viruses all around them. We do this through the periodic spraying of the biodynamic sprays 500-508. By making healthy soil, plants can fight off the diseases. These problems are mostly avoided by my pledge to use sustainable, healthy, environmentally friendly practices.

Cleanliness and Quality:

This is always the #1 priority! I use unclorined well water to wash all the vegetables. There still may be some small insects on the vegetables, but because I do not seek to kill them, you will still need to wash them yourself. They are coming from a natural environment and are not as 'sterile' as in a commercial store. We even encourage you actually eat some of the soil :), it is a little gritty but very beneficial for your digestive tract. Freshness, variety and the TLC from garden to consumer have rewarded us with a favorable reputation in the North Fulton area!

Here is my contact information: Floyd Keisler Web: Cell phone 770-815-2815 (please leave a text because of my hearing loss) 13230 Freemanville Road Milton, GA 30004


Listing last updated on Aug 11, 2014

All the things done are to promote healthy sustainable soil which will produce nutrious real whole food for us to eat. Heirloom, open pollinated varieties are the focus with 10 tomato varieties, 4 cucumber varieties, 6 summer squash, 2 eggplants, rotating amounts of greens, turnips, kohlrabi, mustard, radishes, spinach, lettuce, onions, beans, and peas totally about 70 different varieties.

Season:  April through December

Type:  single farm

Since:  2006

# of Shares:  80

Full Share:  Spring share for 6 weeks April and May, cost $235 Summer share for 12 weeks from May to August for $440 Fall share for 12 weeks from August to November for $440 Winter share (6 weeks) November to December $235 Half Shares for each season, same food as

1/2 Share:  Spring share for 3 weeks, $140 Summer share for 6 weeks $260 Fall share for 6 weeks, $260 Winter share for 3 weeks $140

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

13230 Freemanville Road
Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 6pm, will have to sign up for email to be notified specifically, not there all the time.

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