Mountain Gold - Raw, Unfiltered, Unprocessed

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Mountain Gold - Raw, Unfiltered, Unprocessed

Mountain Gold (16oz) is a wildflower honey created by the bees from the nectar of the Colorado Rocky Mountain wildflowers.

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Our Mountain Gold is perhaps our most delicious tasting honey. Created by Colorado bees from a sea of mountain wildflowers, this honey is great on your toast, in your tea, coffee, yogurt, smoothies, PB&Honey sandwiches and more. Try a tablespoon of this honey daily to help tame your allergy symptoms. Eat today what you breathe tomorrow. It's a delicious way to breathe better.

Get FREE SHIPPING with purchase of two 16oz jars. This honey tends to be thick. You may need a spoon or knife to get this out of the bottle. All of the honey from Winter Park Honey is raw and unprocessed. We could heat the honey to keep it in liquid form, but that reduces the honey's natural health benefits.

Winter Park Honey specializes in honey for medicinal purposes as well as fine, rare gourmet honey. We spend our summers in Winter Park, Colorado and our winters in Winter Park, Florida. Please check out our Winter Park Honey (Florida) Localharvest listings for our blackberry, buckwheat, clover, fireweed, meadowfoam, raspbery, arthritis bee gone and more.

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