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At Moving Meadows Farm we produce grass-fed Southpoll beef, grass-fed goat, pastured chicken & turkey, pastured eggs and homemade, whole grain breads. (spelt and wheat) We are also famous in Culpeper for our whole wheat cinnamon buns.

Our animals are moved at least once daily (some 2x) to fresh pasture so they are constantly moving--thus the name Moving Meadows Farm.

We have a passion for authentic food. Not only is it food that is truly nourishing, but it tastes better, too. We thoroughly enjoy eating the food we produce... we hope you will enjoy it, too! :-) When customers give us feedback like, "those cinnamon buns are the world's best", or "that was the best chicken I have ever tasted" we know we're on the right track. That spurs us on.

Our animal management practices are holistic, focusing on animal performance, soil building, ground water purity, and wildlife habitat simultaneously. It is exciting to be able to have a win-win all the way around.


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Visitors very welcome!

Schedule and Location:

Culpeper Farmers Market, East Davis Street, Culpeper, VA; Saturdays 7:30-noon thru November.

Schedule and Location:

On farm sales year round. Closed Sundays.
Special orders via email, weekly (Saturdays) delivered to town during off season. Email for details:

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