Mt. Pilot BBQ Sauces

Chef Tad has always had a love for seasonings in general and BBQ in particular. He created Mt. Pilot BBQ Sauces to put his personal culinary stamp on several U.S. regional barbecue styles of sauces and rubs. Mt. Pilot BBQ Sauces and Dry Rubs are produced and bottled locally and use products from local and regional purveyors. Sauces offered are Alabama, Indiana, Kansas City, Oklahoma, North Carolina and Texas, Rubs offered are All-Natural, Memphis and North African. All rubs and all sauces with the exception of Texas and Oklahoma are vegan. Go to for pictures, prices and descriptions.

Listing last updated on Jul 3, 2012

Mt. Pilot BBQ Sauces and All Natural Dry Rubs are Chef Tad's personal take on some of the most popular sauces from around the U.S. His sauces are made from locally grown products supplied by such farmers as Heartland Family Farms and Stout's Melody Acres, as well as, Red Gold Farms. From the sweet savory of Oklahoma-style to the tart vinegar-based of North Carolina-style, you will not be disappointed. Rubs range from the All-Natural to Memphis to the North African rub.

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