Mulberry Grove Family Farm

Mulberry Grove is the 160-acre farm of the Chris and Sharon Hoerichs family. We offer asparagus and raspberries, goat's milk soaps and lotions, pasture raised chickens, pasture raised eggs, grass-fed/corn-finished Black Angus beef, and alfalfa and grass hay.

We have also just planted (May 2013) an 800-tree pick-your-own apple orchard. We will use integrated pest management techniques to keep our pesticide usage as low as possible. We hope to be picking in about 3 years. Stay tuned for details!

Our mission is to produce and sell the best natural farm products to our community, and to build a multi-generational sustainable family farm enterprise. We hope you will join our growing list of loyal customers.

Listing last updated on Nov 24, 2014

*Pastured Chickens *Pasture Raised Eggs *100% Natural Black Angus Beef *Alfalfa Hay *Bromegrass/Timothy Hay *Goat's Milk Soap & Lotion *Pick-Your-Own Apples **COMING IN 2016**

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A great farm run by a great family. This was our first year getting pastured whole chickens and eggs from Mulberry Grove. The eggs have great color inside and the whole chickens were outstanding and made for great chicken stock later.... [more]

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