Music Garlic, Eating Quality (smaller heads)

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Music Garlic, Eating Quality (smaller heads)

Delicious and a great keeper! Music Garlic, a Hardneck Rocambole Porcelain Type.

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 Five Pounds$45.00

Season: Aug-Dec 

 One Pound$10.00

Season: Aug-Dec 

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Looking for a garlic that is large, easy to peel, tastes great and stores well? Music is a winner. Likes to be stored in a dark cool dry place (in a dry cellar hung in a mesh bag from the ceiling works good).

We crush it on top of buttered pizza dough and smother it in mozzarella cheese for the best garlic pizza ever! Great cooked in sauces and stews and used raw in hummus and pesto. Use in any dish that calls for garlic. 4-5 large cloves per head and on a hot scale of 1-5, 5 being hottest, Music is a 2.5. We love it and we think you will, too.

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