Natural Borders Farm specializes in raising grass-fed beef on a rotational grazing system. Our cattle spend the grazing season moving daily to fresh paddocks of native grasses. We also graze horses, poultry and sheep with our cattle to encourage an increased variety of native grass species and to provide natural predator protection. We strive to provide a natural, healthy, non-stressful and enjoyable environment for all our livestock.

We also utilize pigs for compost production in our barn. These pigs spend at least 12 hours daily in the cattle barn rummaging through the bedding material while the cows are outside. Pigs are also fed corn meal, garden excesses and apples from our farm. We have a limited amount of pork available in both the fall and spring seasons. In the near future, we hope to offer pasture poultry and grass-fed lamb.

Our cattle are processed in a federally inspected processing plant. Beef may be purchased in quarters, halves or whole. Although not certified organic, no chemicals, hormones or routine drugs are used on our farm.

We also have our own hives of honeybees for increased pollination and production of pure honey that is available at most times.

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Listing last updated on Oct 16, 2005

Natural Borders Farm specializes in raising grass-fed beef naturally and humanely. We also raise pigs and free-range chicken. In addition, we keep honeybees which produce honey and help pollinate native plants as well as our garden crops. Our farm focuses on diversity, sustainability and respect for our animals. Visitors are welcome.

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