Natural Cage-Free Eggs Assorted Colors & size

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Natural Cage-Free Eggs Assorted Colors & size

Naturally-raised fresh chicken eggs. No antibiotics or added hormones

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1 dozen fresh and flavorful eggs from my backyard flock of chickens. All of my chickens are naturally raised without any antibiotics or hormones. Chickens live cage free, roam about the backyard as they please, have access to plenty of sunshine and dirt. Chickens are fed quality poultry feed, garden vegetables, grass, whatever bugs they find for themselves and occasional kitchen scraps.

I keep a variety of chicken breeds. Right now I have laying breeds of Rhode Island Red, Leghorn, Easter Egger, Orpington, and Brahmas.

Eggs range from white, brown, beige and even green--all natural, never dyed. Give these eggs a try and taste them for yourself.

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